The capacity of YYK VALVE is not just limited to the manufacture of all types of valves and accessories. YYK also contributes with services which may be very useful to fulfill with your different existing requirements for new installations as well as for replacements.


Heating jackets can be adapted to the most of the valves according to your specifications and instructions.


Different kinds of special assemblies, such as electric or pneumatic actuators (regulation and commissioning included), solenoid valves, limit switches,regulation panels can be provided together with layouts and operation diagrams.


We can modify the ends connection to your requirements in a short term (RTJ, RF,FF,NPT ,SW, BW, etc).


Operating accessories (Manual, Electric Actuator,Pneumatic Actuator,Hydraulic Actuator, etc.) can be supplied according to your needs.


Heatsinks or stem extension.


Paint finishes, special coatings or components in exotic materials or for high performances.

Repair & Advice

We complement our services with a technical support for repairs, and with modifications and / or extension

Currently, we manufacture valves in the following areas:

· Oil – Gas

· Chemical

· Petrochemical

· Offshore

· Power Generation

· Onshore

· (Waste) Water

· Paper industry

· General Processes

· Biotechnology

· Alimentation

· Agriculture – Fertilizers

· Incineration – Residues